Peculiar symbols, cryptic signs and intricate equations synthesise the visual lexicon of Greek artist Stella Meletopoulou.

Spanning the gallery’s numerous spaces and surfaces, her solo exhibition titled Origins embraces a new body of work created between 2020 and 2022. It incorporates twenty-four works on canvas as well as three-dimensional installations.

Paper Scissors
on the Rocks

On the occasion of her exhibition “Paper, Scissors on the Rocks” in Paros, Stella Meletopoulou creates a new series, enriched with dense symbols, magic scriptures and hidden algorithms, casted with nested objects and children’s playthings.

Game of Threads

Through an evolutionary process of liberation, Meletopoulou returns with a new series of works entitled “Game of Threads” introducing the playing activity as an essential component of her creative act.

Invisible Threads

This is a series of two- and three-dimensional wall-mounted works, both medium and large in size, where the symbolic subjects and objects of the artist’s semantic and tactile memory are rescued from oblivion and incorporated, initially in the painted field and subsequently projected into the relief, proposing discrete new universes, which can be interpreted in many ways.

Human Geographies

The dominant issue in Stella Meletopoulou’s first solo exhibition constituted the perceived interior and exterior architectural space: spare yet exceptionally clear designs of landscapes with multiple points of view and mainly hinted human presence. 

Modern Aesthetics

The first exhibited group of works by newly-appearing Stella Meletopoulou mainly concerns spare yet exceedingly clearly defined drawings of landscapes and a handful of human-centric works with multiple viewpoints.